Hannah Crop Flare with Craft Seaming


Introducing the Hannah Crop Flare with Craft Seaming; a unique piece made from stretch eco denim and designed with an on trend flair. Its unique seam detail and cropped design ensure you can look effortlessly cool in sandals now and easy-to-style booties later. This soft and comfy denim embraces a look that reflects your most distinctive, conscious style.

This modern eco jean was designed using new laser techniques and processes that gives the "Liverpool Look" and uses a fraction of our natural resources.

  • This certified denim is Aniline free and recyclable 
  • All tags are made from recyclable materials
  • Harmful pumice stone free
  • Buttons and hardware are chemical-free

Significant reduction in water, energy, hazardous chemicals, and worker impact: 

  • Recycled Water: 80% | Water Impact: 7.84 Liters/ Garment
  • Renewal Energy Used: 0% | Energy Impact: 0.78 Kilowatts/ Garment
  • Chemical Impact: 15.5
  • Worker Impact: 38.5
  • EIM Score: 29

* EIM score is calculated based on effective impact.

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