Hi-Lo Shirt Jacket


A versatile high-low shirt jacket with an amazing lofty hand feel.  A unique item that can pull your outfit together!

This modern eco denim was designed using new laser techniques and processes that gives the "Liverpool Look" and uses a fraction of our natural resources. This is measured using a certified system that assesses the environmental impact of the garment finishing processes. 

  • 30” HPS
  • Two front pockets
  • Two seam side pockets
  • 9-button front closure
  • Model is 5'9'' wearing a size Small

    • This certified denim is Aniline free and recyclable 
    • All tags are made from recyclable materials
    • Harmful pumice stone free
    • Buttons and hardware are chemical free

    Significant reduction in water, energy, hazardous chemicals and worker impact: 

    • Recycled Water: 50% | Water Impact: 19 Liters/ Garment
    • Renewal Energy Used: 50% | Energy Impact: 1.27 Kilowatts/ Garment
    • Chemical Impact: 30
    • Worker Impact: 23
    • EIM Score: 32

    * EIM score is calculated based on effective impact.

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